Client's voice

eTACSEN (former name: TACSEN) has integrated Eastern and Western management training experiences for years. In addition, it has adopted a variety of one-stop management consulting services and training products for enterprises. The following are some of their comments:

Dr. Fan
Chairman & CEO, China Mobile International Limited Chairman ,China Mobile Hong Kong
The service provided by Terence and his team is extraordinary and impressive. The Leadership Practices Inventory was well administrated and followed up by his staff. And the workshop was well received by CMI’s leaders and managers.
It should go without saying that he is a remarkable trainer, with an eye for not only the high level of skills demonstration, but also the commitment to making a difference.
May Leung
We found that Terence was all well qualified and informative, and his work has been a major factor in our TLC implement success.
Andy Cheung
Managing Partner, Assurance, Greater China, EY
This training completely exceeded my expectations:
1. The course has a lot of practical tools. Among these tools, I like the CRA method the most. This tool provides us with a very simple but powerful way to continuously challenge some long-standing problems. The 8 steps of change also helped my partners to lead the change more efficiently and help us do better in each change.
2. This course also inspired my partners to come up with many wonderful new ideas, which are the leading trends in our industry.
Mr. Nagarajane
China Product Manager (Lam) & Strategic Operation Partner, Essel Packaging (Guangzhou) Ltd. China.
First of all thanks a lot for your great training.

I will take this opportunity to express my actual feelings about “The Leadership Challenge” (TLC) training.

I ever had such a wonderful training & gives great motivation to learn more on leadership behaviours which I feel the success of this training. I am inspired on “Leadership is everyone’s business”.
The five practices of Exemplary Leadership help me a lot to understand the leadership behaviours to make shifting to the next level.
“TACSEN”s training approach was different than others especially way of engagement with participants. I feel proud to share that almost all the participants was engaged on two way effective communications which is so awesome experience I had from this training.
TACSEN’s – LPI process was provide me a BIG gift to understand & make clear improvement actions. Honestly, it was a surprise & wonderful moments during the training.
I think, TLC gives very strong platform to grow on personal leadership behaviour & makes easy on business challenge (opportunities).

Kanny Ho
GM – HR & Admin, FSE Holdings Limited.
The Everything DiSC is a pragmatic management tool for our organization, with a development theme of “the Power of One”. In 2015, we have engaged TACSEN for 2 programs, Everything DiSC - Work of Leader and Management, for our 75 executives and senior management staff. Terence Yeung is able to engage our people in the thought process and facilitate the learning effectively. When we decide to import the Everything DiSC - Workplace as a regular in-house program, TACSEN has been very thoughtful to invite me, a DiSC certified trainer, to their public course in October to keep my facilitation skills warm before the Chinese package is ready for deployment. The tool of Everything DiSC works for our people as much as TACSEN works as our business partner.
Sharon Chen
Head of Employee Banking, Standard Chartered Bank (China)
Terence is a very experienced trainer. His Leadership Challenge session is quite insightful and also provide us with some very useful tools. Also the trainer knows how to present the big topic in very practical ways which our participants are impressed. Terence also knows well about the banking industry and make his session very relevant to the participants.
Being honest, I found a practical approach to the leadership development challenge within a frame that it’s quite easy to retain and certainly useful to develop yourself and your practical improvement in performance. Terence is certainly a great facilitator and knowledgeable about the seminar and real stories to illustrate.
Tiffany Cheung
Business Manager, Mainetti (HK) Limited
daily life for self-improvement.
It is a very organized course with pre, during and post course exercises to let you know more about your current issues/problems (areas to put more attention to), what to do to address such issues/problems, and then a commitment to those actions.
I would like to have my teammates attend this course in the future for their self-improvement and self-development.