We focus on customized training programs

Our programs are fully tailored for our clients, from designing solutions, providing customized training guides to implementing the plan, and applying training knowledge.

We provide customized training programs of different scales and durations according to your needs and after fully communicating with you:

  1. Interview with the relevant team to understand the training needs of the company/team and the aspects that the organization wants to enhance or improve through training;
  2. Conduct an internal needs assessment and conceive the concept and structure that best meets the organization’s needs;
  3. Report your training requirements and confirm the direction, theme, and content of the training;
  4. Online + offline customized training experience and gamification element helps learners to be more engaged in the training process and enhance team awareness;
  5. After class, offline immersive sharing sessions or online follow-up services can be provided according to your needs.

Through customized program,  you will gain:

  • Courses that meet your specific needs and conform to your organization/individual learning patterns.
  • Provide your company with an excellent opportunity to establish strong connections and a unique organizational culture
  • Tailor-made courses, let the training take root in the enterprise

Our clients choose us because we can provide relevant training to everyone in the company, and we can maintain consistency across the whole company. We quickly and deeply customize the core comprehensive training courses’ content to meet your training needs flexibly.

Our solutions can be delivered through an online learning platform and offline training. These delivery formats can be mixed, independent, or complementary to provide an efficient and seamless training solution that will promote rapid success and sustainable performance improvement.